Why You need banner ads?

1. Brand awareness – you can grow your brand awareness using banner ads so people can easily recognize your work or service. Most of branded company use this type of banner ads on websites.

2. Lead generator – it’s a great way to build your users base.The visitors of our website can click to  your banner and your service can be reach to the more and more people.

3. Retarget your audience – if somebody came on our website but didn’t sign up on our newsletter or didn’t try out your product but you can retarget them with banner ads.

we provide this banner ads because we having  high traffic websites that offer interesting and useful content for video and photography industry.  

How i start banner advertise?

1. Advertising your banner with MVL India is very simple task . You don”t need any technical skill for it. For banner ads. 

2. You must have to buy web space on our website. We provide totally 3 type of banner ads location in our site.You have to choose that location as per your requirement and your budget.

3. You need to create your banner in Jpeg format with 1024×478 pixel size and send to our register Email address after purchase your plan.

Why to ads with MVL India only?

1. We having more than 20000 our direct customer network.

2. We having near about 4000 daily visitor on our dedicated server.

3. Our store publish on more than 1000 group of social media like facebook and whatsapp.

4. In Experss plan we provide clickable ads direct to your whatsapp number.

Choose your advertising plan :



Rs 500 per 3 month
  • Ads on Demo page


Delux plus

Rs 800 per 3 month
  • Ads on best selling product page


Pro Section

Rs 1500 per 3 month
  • Clickable Ads on Home page